Can You Really Make BIG Money Promoting Us???

 SPOILER:  Heck Yeah! Here's Proof...

Quick question…

How many ClickBank vendors actually show you a behind the scenes look at how they personally promote their own products?

Answer: NONE

This is because most vendors rarely (if ever) promote/test their own sales pages with their own traffic.

Sad yet true, they toss up their sales page all “willy-nilly” and let their affiliates blindly promote it, with only a hope and a prayer it converts profitably for them.

Their time’s instead spent telling you about how awesome their “new launch” is and how it will make you a small fortune by promoting it.

To lure you in, they spout falls claims like “10% conversion rate” or “$7 earnings per click” with absolutely zero proof when it comes to how they reached those numbers.

So whats an affiliate to do, take them for their word?

Not a chance!

That’s the fastest way to lose your shirt when promoting a product as an affiliate.

If you’ll allow me, I want to reveal a rare personal case study I ran recently using my own traffic to promote Reading Head Start. That way you can see real world results.

So when I tell you that this thing’s an absolute cash cow, you’ll not just believe it’s true… You’ll have seen it with your own eyes.

First, we start with a brand spankin’ new ClickBank affiliate account. I named this account “PEMERGENCY” because I’ll later use it for a product I’m launching in 2018

As you can see August 7th, zero sales!

With the new account created, I grabbed the same quiz email swipe you can find in the email tools section and pasted it into Aweber.

This email has worked wonders for my CTR but let me note that it results in more “blind clicks” because it’s curiosity based… In short, you see higher sales volumes yet a lower conversion rate due to this.

Deliverability is really high for me thanks to a zero spam score

With my affiliate links added in all the right places, I continued to schedule the broadcast. As you can see below, this email went out on August 8th at 8:30 AM eastern time!

Once that’s done, you’re done! All you can do from this point on is sit back and wait for the data!

Listen, before we get to the results, it’s important I give you some insight into who exactly will be receiving this email in their inboxes.

This is a COLD, DEAD LIST…

That means I have no relationship with these people, they don't know me or trust me and I have built zero relationships with them through email.

The only thing I have going for me is I know this list consists of parents with children around my targeted age of 2-14.

Also, it’s important to know that this same email list has been mailed this same offer 7 times prior to this mailing… More on that later though!

Come 12:00am on August 8th, I logged into the fresh affiliate ClickBank account and was greeted this this lovely green bar

Next I popped on over to Aweber to collect those stats:

Now, lets do some quick math:

$1,156.12 earnings ÷ 438 clicks = $2.63 EPC (earnings per click)

Not bad for sending the same email for the 8th time to a cold, dead list!

Yet the EPC is actually higher than it shows, for a few good reasons:

The first reason being that this number doesn't take in to account those who took me up on the $1 three day trial option

Or the fact that these people decided to join the $37 monthly option. Meaning that these sales will pay you each month like clockwork for years to come.

Want an even deeper look into my stats for this campaign? You got it! Count up all the “Item #1” sales you see as these are the $37 monthly subscriptions.

(click Image to zoom in)

7 trial sales in the bank, paying out $23.34 monthly commissions after 3 days. Assuming that none of them cancel before the trial ends (most don’t)…

That adds up to an additional $163.38 in my pocket this month or $1,960.56 this year should they all remain members (most do).

If we recalculate the new EPC, taking into account the additional money earned from this months trials, we are now at just above $3 EPC!!!!

If I could be so bold and base the EPC on the yearly potential earnings of these monthly members - You’re looking at over $7 per click from this single itty-bitty email blast.

Now, I know you’re getting excited and can clearly see the massive earning potential by promoting Reading Head Start...

...Am I right?!

As I mentioned earlier in this case study - These are the results I got from sending out the same email for an 8th time this year, with the same offer, to the exact same list.

So keep in mind that these stats are actually watered down believe it or not (best believe it!)

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